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There Ain't No Jam Like Grandma's Jam!

Grandma use to make the most delicious Freezer Jam for my roommates and I during our college years. I could never find a Grandma quality Freezer Jam at a store..Freezer Jam was not sold anywhere! Just shy of a year ago, I realized the opportunity, why not take Grandma's approved recipes and market my own Freezer Jam brand.

You haven't had the best bowl of Ice Cream until you also try our delicious Ice Cream Toppings. Finally, an Ice Cream Topping that taste like real fresh fruit! You haven't lived until you try these fresh products!


Why Customers LOVE Our Products!


We Use Real Wholesome Ingredients

  • Fruit

  • Pure Cane Sugar

  • Water

  • Pectin


The freshest and most unique flavors that you will ever experience! All of our products are 100% natural, non-cooked and frozen to preserve all the nutrients and wholesome flavor of the fruit. Our all-natural gourmet Freezer Jams and Ice Cream Toppings are made with high-quality fresh frozen fruit made with Gluten Free, Non-GMO sourced ingredients, contain no High-Fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring or flavoring and are packaged in a freezer safe BPA-Free jar.


The Difference Between Freezer Jam and Cooked Jam


Freezer Jam

  • The jam tastes more like fresh fruit.

  • Brighter, Bolder colors.


Cooked Jam

  • Requires more sugar than the freezer jam.

  • Less natural fruit taste than the freezer jam.


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